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you are watching psycho cruisers all on one motorcycle channel subscribe today some of you guys have asked me should you put frame sliders on your motorcycle let me tell you this I actually changed my opinion on this because I used to be for frame sliders but since I had a lot of you viewers tell me that what you know the damage that frame sliders can do I’ve since changed my mind I actually took the frame sliders I had on this bike I took them off but let me tell you this they say that you know whether you put no cut or cut frame sliders on your bike if you crash going at a significant speed the frame sliders will actually you know it’s going to catch on the ground and it can actually bend your frame and if your frames bit basically you know your bikes total in most cases so you know and had you crash without frame sliders a lot of times your bike is still salvageable you know where  motorcycle fairings    the frames not damaged but just maybe your bars or you know your obviously your fairings are probably going to get all jacked up but let me tell you this that’s the last least of your worries as your your fairies in my opinion the best bet is instead of putting frame sliders on your bike cut k sliders I have an awesome set of orangey K sliders on my bike one on the stator cover side and one on the the engine cover side I’ll include a link in the info six in this video to where you can get those dozers
you know orangy makes some of the best stuff but I’ll tell you this that you know a lot of times and you know by putting the engine case savers on basically asking to save you the trouble having the foot you know the stator cover on and putting the engine cover on which can be a pain in the ass I’ll tell you and also in my opinion some of you may disagree with this but I recommend that you put aftermarket fairings on your bike you know even  r6 fairings   if you get a brand new bike like I did take those effort take your Oleum fairings off put them in storage and put you set a custom painted aftermarket ferries on you know that way you have your own custom painted bike out here for a cheap price much better than having OMP fairings painted because obviously if you have your own famous fairies painted it’s going to cost a fortune to get them painted but if you crash you’re going to have to replace one of them you know some of the fairies and have to have it repainted began to match the other fairies and it probably won’t match up one perfect and it’s going to cost you a fortune it’s someone’s cheaper to just get you a $500 set of aftermarket fairies man and if any of the fairies get damaged
you just all you got to do is just make a you know call or whatever email to the guy have them order another couple fairings it’s going to be held a lot cheaper than them replace it om fairies and that way when you go to sell your bike your bike will be in a mint condition but that’s the best bit so my recommendation to reiterate this is to put in gk sliders on and put a set of aftermarket fairings on but hey you can do what the [ __ ] you want to do I’m just trying to help you guys out that’s all but uh so that’s all I have for you guys in this video but the head downtown here and see was cracking downtown Cleveland here but hey guys that’s all I have for you so until next time catch  yamaha r1 fairings  you guys later deuces hey don’t forget the link to get the orangey K sliders is in the info section of this video welcome to psycho cruisers click the gold links just click on the pictures below to go to my recommended videos and my social media sites also don’t forget to visit my blog and store at psycho cruiser dot-com if you have any trouble clicking on these links there are also provided in the info section of this video thank you and subscribe today check out my new channel where I talk about anything and everything not just motorcycle related psycho Cruiser motive law

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