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There may be some motorcycle accessories you need:motorcycle fairings
everybody I got a new toy and it’s not a gun believe it or not my wife decided she wanted to start riding with me and although she has written on the fz6 with me before she wanted something that had a little bit more comfortable seat for her and I told her that she wanted we look at cruisers and but I didn’t want to get rid of the fc6 so we went back and forth and you know she decided to tickle him just let me keep the MC six and get a cruiser as well and like the old saying goes you got to keep mama happy so hopefully with this bike I can get my wife away on weekend trips maybe go down to Texas or something and got enough storage space on this bike to throw some clothes and things like that and just get out on the open road and kind of cruise in style you know I hadn’t had a cruiser in a lot of years I had that Sportster for a short time and liked it but I’ve mainly been on sport bikes and sport touring bikes for years so I went and started looking I looked at the Honda VTX s and osaki Vulcans I like all those they’re all gray I thought about getting another Harley but I didn’t want to pay the prices that Harley’s asking even the used Harley sir marked way up and the metric cruisers just kind of seemed to be more my pace as far as one had had in the past the most and and as far as my pocketbook was concerned I never imagined a million years I would choose a Boulevard but I really liked the looks of these bikes and I found a really good deal on this one this is a no.6 the key Boulevard C 90 T it’s their touring model factory touring model it’s their 1500 CC and I guess it’s basta you know in 2006 I was supposed to directly compete with Harley’s bagger models and you know I read the reviews and the reviews are real good on this on this bike it’s got self adjusting valves you don’t mess with it it’s got shaft drives you don’t to worry about a belt or chain is fuel-injected it’s reliable I’ve heard of people putting 80 hundred thousand miles on these bikes before they have to do anything to them so I got a great deal on this and I thought I’d show you guys a little bit of it here I’ve put a few things on it kind of cater to my own taste now what makes it the touring model is the fact that it has the boulevard accessories already on it from the factory and you know that by looking at the badges see that Suzuki Boulevard amble them right there so your windshield which I believe it’s a 19-inch one shield and your wind deflectors there they’re all part of the factory setup it’s got real nice chrome hardware and that windshield alone with the chrome deflector the deflectors would probably cost you about $400 if you put it on now just any other standard c90 it also came with the studded Touring seats passenger and rider it came with the adjustable backrest which my wife just loves all the hardware here is a triple chrome-plated and the brackets are real nice and sturdy and they’re bolted directly into the fender rails it holds the fender up it’s real strong the little luggage rack was actually part of the factory set up as well this bag is aftermarket but was put on here when I got it and it’s kind of cool probably about a $60 bag and it’s got the chrome studs matches the factory stuff and I can’t buy buy cover in here for now it works out real well I take it to work or something I just pull the cover out cover the bike up keep the Sun off of it that way my seat stays cool and the other factory parts are the engine guards those are factory as well and that’s pretty much it it’s the the real expensive things it’s the bags the backrest the engine guards and the windshield or what makes this the Touring model there’s those bags and those are great quality bag she look inside here I don’t know what the leader capacity is but they hold a lot and like I said they’re rigid mounted so they’re real strong I picked up a cz 52 Czechoslovakian cz 52 I already have one of those but I picked up another one Oh was it two days ago I believe it was and got up for real good deal I haven’t reviewed it on my channel yet watching for that one too because it looks a little bit different than my other cz 52 the cool thing about it was is I got thousand two hundred twenty four rounds of 7.62 425 with it went to pick it up on this bike it’s nice day wrote it across town met the guy and all that ammo plus the gun and the holster and everything I don’t know how much it waived 2007 gsxr 600 fairings
it was in a box it was heavy and I took it and tossed it in this side bag here I mean it had to been gosh probably 70 pounds 60 70 pounds probably maybe not that much but it was heavy and I rode this bike back across town and did not even tell that I was heavy on that right side I just handles that well and those bags that sturdy that he’d handled that way with no problem whatsoever so I think a lot of this bike you know it’s it’s been a good bike not had it very long but I really enjoyed it I’ve done a few other little things to it I got the Kuryakin clear lenses they used to have the orange lenses not like the clear lenses a bit better I got a chrome cover for my taillight made by show chrome I got a cool little uh license plate cover that some people might think it’s kind of cheesy but I thought was kind of cool you got your motorcycle headlight and passing lamps near handlebars and clutching brake levers and shows your exhaust going down the sides kind of cool little custom license plate frame pick that up I think for about $8 on eBay something little different and also from show chrome accessories I got the chrome side covers the factory side covers were just painted painted the same color as the tank and it said seen ITT on the side of it which was nice enough but I like I like the chrome covers look real nice not there were only about 90 bucks so it’s amazing one little touches you can put on these bikes and you really not you know you’re really not spending a fortune on I got the Kuryakin clutching brake levers the wide blade see that’s why they call a wide blade look how wide that is triple chrome-plated really improved the feel of the clutch and brake over the factory ones at the Kuryakin grips they really make a difference and then the little um what are they call like a throttle boss kind of helps you put the palm of your hand on it and modulate the throttle rather than having a death grip on it when you’re cruising sort of like a cruise control but giving you more control than a normal cruise control would and that way you never take your hand off the throttle pretty neat little feature $20 from Walmart look here guys you want something like this for your cruiser or sport bike as long as you got a a tube type handlebar to attach it to swivels I keep my phone in there that way I can look at my GPS phone and it just you know just clamps right to your bar pretty neat $20 go get you one if you’re looking for something like that holds your cell phone that way don’t put your cell phone in your pocket when you ride there’s a clear lenses in the front there real nice added touch Kuryakin makes a great product highly recommend those and some may call it cheesy I call it cool the little tri-bar headlight cover it will fit any headlight that size doesn’t matter if it’s made by Honda Suzuki Harley or victory if it’s that size headlight it will fit it and it’s got a little spike on it kind of cool I mean who wants their headlight look in the same as everybody else right here’s the other side cover chrome side cover now when we get these bikes we always want to take that emissions control crap off there so a bike doesn’t backfire and fart and kick and carry on when we let off the throttle and the reason it does that is because of the pair valve the emissions control crap that’s on it what it does is it injects air back up into the the air box and helps to kind of burn out that spent gases and that’s what causes all that burping and farting and carrying on when you let off the throttle when you get aftermarket exhausts like this it just compounds that it still does it with the factory exhaust but you don’t hear it as much because of the big baffle inside the factory exhaust so I ordered the pair valve removal kit 20 bucks what it did was if you look right here you see these little two bolts right there you can see it or not pick up yamaha r6 fairings
the camera it blocks those holes right there and then you’ve got these three black screws here that cover the holes where the the cover was before and I like those naked jugs like that I think it looks a whole lot better than that cough drop style chrome cover that used to be setting here because it wasn’t even an air filter cover like it is on lot of bikes it just held the all that emissions control crap inside of it and you once you took that stuff off then you take the chrome air your chrome cover off because your air box is actually underneath your tank on the boulevard C 90s your gas tank is actually under your seat which is really nice because your center of gravity is real low everything’s all down low all your weight rather than all your a lot of your weight being up top with your fuel it’s all down low so people that are short legged or or you know something like that I mean they can hold the bike up someone that’s kind of weaker in the legs maybe not quite as confident holding up a seven hundred thirty pound bike you can really hold this bike up a lot easier because your Center gravity so low because a lot because the placement of your gas tank which is very nice now there’s one drawback to that you sacrifice fuel capacity for that I think it’s only got like a 3.2 gallon tank which in my opinion kind of sucks but you give and take you know there’s Goods and Bad’s to everything and there’s the road burner Pro 3-inch drag Pro exhaust I highly recommend those when you put aftermarket exhaust on your cruisers or sport bikes be sure and put new exhaust gaskets in where you’re going to get air leaking around your your heads there your exhaust exhaust heads your exhaust gaskets your exhaust ports I’m sorry those are real nice as a 3 inch heat shield and they sound pretty good let’s start this thing up it’s the ignition on these are way down here on the side they make a c50 model which is the 800 CC and on that bike the ignition sets up here and Suzuki’s you have to pull the clutch in so this camera angle is going to look kind of funny at first because I’m pulling the clutch lever in Oh check this a rival firm I like em settle down I think I’ve got the idol set at about 1200 rpm let’s go learn our game can be adjusted to your taste this sounds pretty good it’s got the baffles in it took the baffles out and it was so loud and then popping up Akbar even with the air valve remove Mission Control stuff ripped off it’s still backyard and off you carried on I just didn’t like it and sound a neighbor but interested sounds clean I’ve got a taillight fold and rotate some modulates on got a fuel processor on it too and I scouring the internet looked for the best one for this bike and g-man Industries bully fuel injection controller a fuel processor system is by far the best and the guy that owns that company is awesome if you call them up at g-man industries you will talk to 2006 zx6r fairings
the dude that that built that system spend all those hours and days and weeks and on the dyno developing this and you’ll talk to him and you can ask him specifically about settings and he is a super nice guy this is you just put on the fly you don’t have to have any custom mapping like on your Dyna jet power commanders and things like that adjustable up and down for your torque curve and all that it comes setup from the factory when you first get an open the box and take it out it comes setup for a stage two stage two is for your open K&N air filter which I have on this and for your aftermarket exhaust so it’s pretty much set up for that when you get it any adjustments otherwise you need to make you can call g-man industries and they’ll help you and they’ll talk you right over the phone you know and tell you exactly what to push and boom you’re done it’s just that simple any kind of modifications you make to your your in fuel mixture it is the coolest fuel processor I have ever seen and you know it it took longer to route the wiring underneath my seat and hide the wiring that I did to even hook the fuel processor up is so simple it comes with so easy to hook up it’s got a negative you just hook your negative wire I don’t know your ground wire hook hook your ground wire to any kind of bolt preferably near the engine and then it’s got two plugs which are factory plugs and plug right into your fuel injection ports on your fuel injectors you plug it in set the ground wire find a neat place to put this which I chose right there and took your battery backup and it’s very simple neatest thing I think 279 dollars or something like that well worth the money hope you enjoy the video guys I didn’t bore you too much that’s 15 minute video I don’t think I’ve ever made one that long but I wanted you to see this if anybody’s looking for a nice Cruiser you can still get these C 90s and it’s a big Cruiser to really really provide you with a lot of comfort on the highway and you can find them pretty reasonably priced so you might want to check it out and hope you enjoy the video 2006 c9 DT Boulevard I like it get you later 2006 gsxr 600 fairings

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