• Chuck Kyle
    Chuck Kyle Owner, Head Coach


    While serving in the military, Chuck had the opportunity to play elite level soccer and club hockey. As his military career path changed from Navy to Army, enlisted to officer, information operations to strategy, so did his athletic interests. From ultra-marathons to an Iron Man, Chuck embraced several different disciplines of endurance sports before focusing solely on competitive cycling.

    As the number of miles recorded by his Garmin increased, so did his knowledge of physiology, training response, and adoption. As his expertise improved, he helped his teammates and friends with their training, eventually founding KyleCoaching.

    As a USA Cycling certified Level 2 coach with additional Power certifications through TrainingPeaks and a certified personal trainer through NPTI Personal Trainer, Chuck combines lessons learned from years of racing with the most recent innovations in exercise science literature to craft training plans and programs that deliver measurable results.

  • Dana Stryk
    Dana Stryk

    During graduate school, Dana started cycling as a means to reduce stress.  After receiving her doctoral degree in economics and moving to the other side of the classroom as a professor, she continued to ride and started to race.  After leaving academia, she worked for a local bike shop where she had the opportunity to apply her love of math and numbers to bike fitting.  She is a certified BG Fit (Specialized) and F.I.S.T. (Slowtwitch) fitter.  Although she returned to the world of economics and teaching, for those in the DMV area, she helps optimize the relationship between KyleCoaching athletes’ bodies and their bikes.

  • Chris Spurrier
    Chris Spurrier Coach

    As he transitions from more than 20 years of active duty with the Air Force to his next chapter, Chris joined our coaching roster at the beginning of 2019.

    A late adopter of endurance sports, Chris started running in 2010 to lose weight and within a year completed a triathlon.  Several more triathlons later and 90-pounds lighter, he focuses on cyclocross racing.

    Now Chris uses what he learned to assist others in achieving their cycling goals.

  • James Weinstein, PhD
    James Weinstein, PhD Coach and Nutritionist

    Dr. Jim Weinstein is a Board Certified Sport Dietitian and Air Force Officer. He obtained his PhD in Nutrition from the University of Connecticut, two master’s degrees in nutrition and business administration and has spent his career teaching the relationship between nutrition and performance. Jim has coached and mentored athletes from beginners, to world-class athletes, Olympic champions, and elite military forces. Jim is an accomplished and experienced athlete himself, has raced his bicycle for more than 30 years in a wide array of events including having raced the team endurance event, Race Across American on 3 occasions and is the author of the popular nutrition blog, Setting the Record Straight.

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