Training Plans

Are you ready to move to the front of the field?

Whether your desires are to podium at your local race or just crush your competitors at Tuesday Night Worlds our training plans can help you achieve your goals.

USA Cycling Level 2 coach and Certified Personal Trainer Chuck Kyle designed these online cycling training plans to help you achieve your goal to make you successful on race day. Chuck has amassed over 20 years knowledge both in the classroom and on the road.

We offer online training plans for specific races, plus cycling training plans for:

  • Elite Cyclist
  • Novice Cyclist
  • Masters (35+)
  • Fitness
  • Goal and /or Event Specific
  • Triathlete

What You Get With Your Cycling
Training Plan:

Periodized Training Plan

Detailed daily workouts in the TrainingPeaks online platform.

Latest Science

Our plans are designed based on experience and continuing education.  Your plan will incorporate not only time proven methodologies but the latest in science for endurance athletes.

Garmin Ready Workouts

Each workout is designed using TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Builder.  This means that each workout on your calendar is exportable to your device.  If you use Garmin Connect IQ, your workouts are available on your device each day, waiting to be executed.

Accessible & Online Plan

Mobile access and email reminders of workouts.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our 30-day 100% money back protection, no questions asked.

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