Time to take an FTP Test

An internet search for “How to take an FTP test” provides a flurry of results.  Google and Alexa cannot evaluate this information for you.  Which testing protocol should you use?  How often [...]

Defining Success

Stay fit and healthy. Lose weight. Enjoy life to its fullest. Spend less and save more. Spend more time with family and friends. Get organized. Make zero resolutions. Learn something new. Travel [...]

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  • Over 30,000 miles with the bikes protected by  @zealprogear  #cycling #cyclinglife #roadtrip2020 https://t.co/SSxKFRHPIA 1 week ago
  • Hey Tobi( @its_tobi_d ), thank you for following me 4 weeks ago
  • Hey  @PERCCOFFEE  Do you still carry the Brazil Legender Especial? I could not find it on the website and we are almo… https://t.co/oGiVxJFRVC 2 months ago
  • Hey Brandon Eliz( @Kinsworth1 ), thank you for following me 3 months ago
  • Unloading at the velodrome. #kuatracks #zealprogear @ Giordana Velodrome https://t.co/WhyFcn0HS3 3 months ago

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