Defining Success

Stay fit and healthy. Lose weight. Enjoy life to its fullest. Spend less and save more. Spend more time with family and friends. Get organized. Make zero resolutions. Learn something new. Travel [...]

Post-Camp Recovery

Right before we left I was asked a question. I have ridden this week more than in the last few months or perhaps at all.  What do I do next??  The USMES Camp provided the opportunity to [...]

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  • Bell lap and finish of the old guys race...Armed Forces Cycling Classic https://t.co/LO6i9ksg23 #cycling 2 weeks ago
  •  @CMSpurrier  If I was better at riding a MTB, i might join 😉 2 weeks ago
  • Checkout Dana's race report from USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships #RoadNats https://t.co/RApdG5RSM3 2 weeks ago
  • Start of the 50-54 crit https://t.co/LO6i9ksg23 #cycling 3 weeks ago
  • Congratulations to Dana Stryk for 3rd place (bronze) at Masters Nationals Women's 50-54 criterium championship https://t.co/LO6i9ksg23 #cy… 3 weeks ago

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