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Are there any default settings on my Garmin I should change?

TrainingPeaks is not compatible with Smart Recording or auto-pause, as TrainingPeaks uses every second of raw data when calculating.  For the most accurate data, I recommend using every-second recording and turning off auto pause.

By default, most Garmin devices have Non-Zero Averaging turned on.  This setting throws out all the zeroes when figuring Average and Normalized power.  TrainingPeaks does not throw zeroes out because time spent coasting is resting, and rest allows you to hold a higher average power when you are pedaling.

I also recommend that you Autosync your Garmin Connect account and your TrainigPeaks account.  Checkout the TrainingPeaks FAQ on how to do this.

Can I import my TrainingPeaks workout to Zwift?

Yes, you can transfer your workouts directly from TrainingPeaks to Zwift! Just login to and make sure your account is linked on the connections page. If they are connected, disconnect and connect them again just to be safe. Next, make sure your workout has been saved via TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Builder.  Lastly, login to Zwift, select workouts, and find today’s workout under the TrainingPeaks dropdown. You’ll only see the workout for the current day, and it updates automatically each day.

Can I use my Vivosmart HR with a cardio workout and TrainingPeaks?

In order to update your TrainingPeaks account with an activity captured on your Vivosmart HR Activity tracker, there are a few things that must be done first.

First, setup your Vivosmart and a Garmin Connect account.  Click here

Second, autosync your Garmin Connect account and your TrainingPeaks account:  Click here

Lastly, record a Fitness Activity on your Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker: Click here

How can I make practice barriers for cyclocross?

Skip making them and check out the place to buy practice barriers, Crosspropz:

How do I automatically upload my Stages Link files to TrainingPeaks?

Stages Link can automatically push files to TrainingPeaks in order to eliminate the need to upload to multiple sites. To enable this feature:

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner
  2. Go to: Account > Connections > Outgoing: Training Peaks > Connect
  3. Log in to Training Peaks (if not currently logged in)
  4. Select Allow

All new files will automatically be sent over after they have been uploaded and processed by Link.

How do I calibrate my power meter?

How to Zero Your Power Meter

Calibration and Zero-Offset

The terms “calibrate” and “zero” are often interchanged, however, these are two very different procedures in the power meter world.

Just a quick primer.

Calibration is normally done at the manufacturer during the building of your power meter.  This is where the manufacturer sets the ‘slope’ of the power meter.  This will determine the correct wattage output fro your ride.

Zero-offset, or zeroing, is a procedure done by the rider every ride.  When you do a zero-offset, the power meter ‘zeros’ out any residual torque that has been built up in the power meter from previous rides, changes in temperature, or other adjustments.  What you are doing is wiping the power meter clean.  Think of when you are weighing your morning breakfast and your hit tare on the scale to make sure it reads zero before weighing the food.  This is what you are doing.  Imagine if the scale said 240 grams before you weighted your almonds, now you are down to just two almonds for your snake.  Same with the power meter, if the zeroing is not correct, you might upload a file saying that you just completed a sprint at 17,000 watts.

General Zero Procedures

While the steps taken to zero each power meter vary slightly, the general process is the same – and it’s quite simple.

  1. When you perform a zero, you should be off of the bike. The pedals should be completely unweighted
  2. On your bicycle computer, navigate to the calibration page and select Calibrate. (Again, you’re really zero-offsetting but most bicycle computers erroneously call it Calibrate)
  3. You should see a “Calibration Successful” message (on most systems anyway, again refer to your power meter below for exact steps)

Also, here are two helpful tips to keep in mind:

  1. It’s good practice to be sure you have the latest version of software installed on your head unit. This can help avoid issues during the calibration process
  2. If you have any ANT+ compatible devices paired with your head unit that aren’t currently in use (heart rate monitor that you are not currently wearing, speed/cadence sensor that is not currently on the bike, etc.), we recommend that you disable them on your head unit. Sometimes, the head unit will continue to search for these before proceeding to the calibration procedure



Before every ride.


  1. Spin the cranks backwards a few times to wake up the power meter
  2. Position the cranks in a horizontal position (3 and 9 o’clock)
  3. On your bicycle computer, navigate to the calibration page and select Calibrate
  4. You should receive a message saying “Calibration Successful”


How do I connect my Suunto Device with TrainingPeaks?

TrainingPeaks is compatible with all Suunto devices.


Click here to link your Movescount account with TrainingPeaks

Simply link your accounts one time and all of your workout data will be instantly pushed from to your TrainingPeaks account. While some services use an older API which make requests for data from Suunto every ten minutes, we are using their latest API to upload data instantly when a new workout is recorded. The advantage of this is a more immediate transfer of data.

Information from TrainingPeaks Support section.  Click here for the original article


How do I find the KyleCoaching Library in PerfPro?
  • Load up PerfPRO Studio then go into the Workout/Courses Library then into the Workouts tab.
  • Click on the “Import” button then select “Import Libraries from the Web”.
  • A window will open showing the above workout libraries.
  • Click on the KyleCoaching then hit the Import button.
  • The workouts from the library are then downloaded and imported into your library for you.

How do I get my TrainingPeaks workouts to show up on my Garmin?

This is really a two-part question.  First, your workouts must be created in the workout builder in TrainingPeaks.  We attempt to make sure all of your workouts are now created in the workout builder.  The easiest way to tell is to look and see if you see a structured workout in your TrainingPeaks account.

The second part is getting the Garmin ready to find and display the workout.  To do this you must have the TrainingPeaks daily workout IQ app and the Garmin Connect Mobile app installed on your phone and paired to your Garmin device.

First, make sure you have the Garmin Connect app and paired with your phone.  Garmin FAQ on how to do this, click here. Once your device is paired with the Garmin Connect mobile app you will have to download the Training Peaks Daily workout IQ app.  Click here for instructions on how to access the Connect IQ store. After you authorize the IQ app to access your TrainingPeaks account you will be able to see your daily workouts on your Garmin device.  One item that I would like to emphasize is daily.  You can only see the workout on the day that it is scheduled in Training Peaks. It will not show up the night before and it will be gone the day after.  This is just your daily workout.

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