About Us

About Us

Achieving success is a common goal, although the definition of success and its corresponding path is as varied as opinions of the best tire pressure to use during a muddy, wintery cyclocross race. While Feed Zone cookies may be a great recovery food after a race, a cookie cutter approach to training is something you will not experience as a KyleCoaching athlete.

Whether you want to complete your first century, climb Mt. Ventoux and Alpe d’Huez, achieve a sub-hour 40k TT, or end up on the podium, KyleCoaching’s systematic approach to training program development serves a broad range of cyclists. We recognize that, unless our wildest dreams come true, we have other things to do besides ride a bike. KyleCoaching athletes are parents, small business owners, consultants, etc. who do not want time constraints to affect goal achievement.

Through initial goal setting and constraint analysis, we develop an overall training agenda. With the accumulation of performance data, we assess areas of strength and areas for improvement which feedback into the training plan. Your training program focuses on workouts that are specific to your goals.

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