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  • This beta is awesome. All of your KyleCoaching workouts, straight into PerfPro!!! RT  @PerfPROStudio : The latest B… 1 week ago
  • Here are some of our favorite feeds to follow.  @greenlizardbike   @CXHairs   @kelleyacres   @BBuckleyPhoto  #FollowFriday 1 week ago
  • Check out the new  @KEdgeBike  aero mount for the ELEMNT BOLT. #inmyelemnt #wahooligan #FeatureFriday 1 week ago
  • Today's featured workout. Building your FRC. Warm-up, 4 x 130% of FTP for 45 seconds, 4 x 115% of FTP for 3 minut… 3 weeks ago
  • Interesting interview with  @SRAMroad  CEO Stan. Did you know SRAM is an acronym for the founder's names? Scott, Ray… 3 weeks ago

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