• Hey Eggleton Performance Coaching( @EggletonPerform ), thank you for following me 24 hours ago
  • This morning when you had breakfast, were you really aware of what was the actual serving size? #eatingsmart https://t.co/A4PrCB05Ut 4 days ago
  • Wow. My  @united  flight is delayed. However the Gate 5, COS to DEN, CSR is doing an outstanding job of keeping the c… https://t.co/wvMTztWGOf 2 weeks ago
  • Hey Giordana Velodrome( @GiordanaVelo ), thank you for following me 3 weeks ago
  • Visiting another velodrome #roadtrip #velodrome https://t.co/FTrzuterrL https://t.co/VABIRGIrl2 3 weeks ago

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