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Fitness First Training Plan

KyleCoaching training plansAre you as fit as you need to be to really start training?.
Do you know what is your Chronic Training Load?® Do you have your base fitness?

Designed for Beginner to Intermediate cyclists who have trained using a power meter before, the primary goal of this training plan is to help you increase your Fitness.

Crafted by USA Cycling-certified coach and competitive Masters racer Chuck Kyle, this plan encapsulates his passion for the sport, his experience from years of training and his success coaching dozens of cyclists.

This plan is an 8-week base plan (8.5 to 9.5 hours per week) that will assist in getting you a solid aerobic foundation so you can begin training for your next event.  This plan is a prelude to other plans that help build your FTP, FRC, Pmax, and any other high intensity aerobic and anaerobic systems.  If you already have a Chronic Training Load of 50 TSS/day or higher, stop now and move on to a plan that is more focused to the items that you need to build beyond base fitness.

Prior to using this plan,

  • You should be able to do an hour and a half endurance ride
  • Using TrainingPeaks


For more information about this plan, please DOWNLOAD the Description Document.

Questions? Please visit us on the web at or email Chuck directly at: [email protected].

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Please note:

  • This training plan starts any Monday. You can also reuse this training plan for to build future fitness.

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